hear what you see!

The concept is to draw with sound. Beautiful geometric forms and shapes are created by frequencies and their relationships. Every piece has its own sound and architecture. You can just watch the stills or enjoy the entire movement while listening to it. Some shapes are sounding like music while other sound more abstract. All images can have a calming impact and even stimulate your imagination. The creation of this audio visual art is called “Vector Synthesis”. The workflow includes several techniques, such as “Raster Scan” or “Synthshape”, that are showing various results. Another big aspect of this art form is the reuse of old obsolete vector graphic displays. Like other big inventions, this kind of art goes way back to computer techniques that have been used in the Cold War time.

I want to give credit to Derek Holzer, which PD library was used most to create my images. Other software applications I use are REwerehere – which is a MAX/ MSP patch – made by Ivan Marusic Klif and Hansi Rabers OsciStudio.


Sascha Bachmann is a multi disciplinary artist. He started his career as a musician/ drummer, studying drums. 1977 born in east Berlin, Bachmann was hyper inspired by the graffiti scene in which he was evolved in the early 90’s. This also explains his graphical background. Bachmann worked as a drummer with various musicians, TV/film productions and record companies. 2015 he started his solo project “HAND” in which he creates music with tape loops using obsolete reel to reels. HAND released four albums with different international labels. With his new work he explores new subjects, using the “Vector Synthesis” technique to create a visualisation of sound.

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